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alexa rank checker

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What is alexa rank

alexa rank checker

Alexa Internet, Inc is a company which is located at usa California, it provides web traffic data and other analytical data for other firms for a price. It is bought buy amazon in 1999. And now it is a subsidiary of

Alexa is founded in 1996, it has a toolbar which can be installed in your web browser. The tools bar will collects web traffic data ,then send these data to at these data will be analyzed, and used to generate the web traffic report for each domain, it is said now track more than 20 million of website traffic data, the monthly traffic which visit is more than 7 million visitors at 2016.alexa rank checker

The history of

The history of is quite long start from 1996, it is founded by 2 usa American Bruce Gilliat and Brewster Kahle, the name alexa come from the Library of Alexandria of Ptolemaic Egypt, which means a lots of knowledge and data.

alexa rank checker

At the company’s beginning ,when internet is at its infancy , offer its users a toolbar which can be installed in the web browser, when the user visit a web site , the alexa tools bar will give users suggestions where to visit next , the suggestion is based on the web visit history which is provided by its user community, at that time , is not exists , and alexa became very popular in a very short period of time, beside the web trafiic suggestion data, alexa toolbar also provide other data about the website being visited, such as when the website is registed, how many web pages is in this site ,how many backlinks is pointed to this website , how often the website is updated and many other statistics of this website, slowly alexa begin to store the webpages they crawled , just like a modern web search indexers. The webpage archieve store. Become the backbone of the internet archive used now , which can be accessied from the wayback machine , donate a 2 terabytes website archinve to the Library of Congress. At 1998. Alexa then start to continuely supply it data to the internet archive from 1998. In 1999 provide its users with a web search engine , which can use used to search the the same time , amazon find alxea’s value and purchase it with amazon stock which is about $250 million dollars. In fact amazon make quite a deal .alexa rank checker.

In 2002 , alexa become a partner of an d a partner of directory moz in 2004 . at 2006 the alexa image search is released. Which is quite advanced at that time. In 2005 provide its web service and api of its search engine and other web applications to other developers.these api and web services can be used to make a vertical search engine anywhere on the internet. In 2007 changed its api limit.alexa rank checker.

In 2007 also fire a lawsuit to stop the trademark infringement by Statsaholic, after the case is settled, in 2008 amazon announced that alexa will not accept new customers and the current servce would be closed or discountined for existing customer on 2009.1.26, from then on , will become a pure web analytics company

2009.3.31, alexa redesign it website, and provide users with many new functions to analyze traffic such as average page views per visitor, the bounce rate of a website , how much time a user spend on one website , website visitors demographics, web search statistics and many other analytics datas, with these new functions , alexa has become one of the best web traffic analytics company.alexa rank checker.

The detail introduction of alexa tool bar

The main tool alexa used to rank the website on the internet is the alexa toolbar, users can install the alexa tool bar on many types of web browser, such as internet explorer ,Mozilla firefox, google chrome and other type of web browsers, the alexa toolbar has many build in functions , which include popup blocker , a search box and links to and and the alexa ranking for each visiting website, you can also use the tool bar to see how many backlink the visiting website has , and similar website, the alexa toolbar has reached 10 million downloads at 2005, because the alexa ranking is largely affect by the user who has the alexa toolbar installed ,so the result ranking sometimes is different from the data that other search engine provided such as and

The alexa pro service also provide a paid service call the alexa pro service.

With the alexa pro service , the website user can use to ‘certified statistics.’ Which provide more detailed data of a website’s traffic data, website users can put JavaScript code on their website , and if the js code is executed on the visitor’s browser, the JavaScript code will send certain user data back to , which allow to display more accurate web traffic statistic such as page views and stay time