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What is Whois protocol

Whois protocol is a protocol on the internet that used to query the information about an internet resource, such as an autonomous system , a block (example c block) of ip addresses,or a domain name.

The command usage format is “Whois example.com”

The whois protocol has a very long history which can date back to the born of internet
Whois now is a part of tcp/ip protocol which is almost installed on every network attached device.

The servers that provide whois information usually listen on port 43 of TCP

Whois guard

What is whois guard?

When you made a whois query against an domain name ,the contact information of the resource assignee is returned ,but since some registars offer whois guard or private registration, the registrar’s information maybe showed instead of the domain register’s information.

In fact now large portion domain registry companies now offer this domain whois privacy shield with or without a fee. So it is a common practice now.