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Introduction to the HAVAL hash algorithm

Sometimes,we need to encrypt a series of data or text string, to prevent our data get cracked when it is intercepted by other people.

Here we provide a cryptographic a hash algorithm called HAVAL hash algorithm to archive your encryption goal.

The HAVAL hash algorithm is a hash algorithm , hash algorithm is a one way algorithm, that means users can use the algorithm to produce a fixed length data string ,but can not get the original data from the derived sting. So hash algorithms can be used in reversible password storage , information integrity check , etc

HAVAL hash algorithm is invented by Yuliang Zheng, Josef Pieprzyk, and Jennifer Seberry in 1992.

You can use haval hash algorithm to do multiple rounds of hash (3,4, 5 rounds), to increase the strength of the final hash result.

The result of haval hash result typically output as 32-, 40-, 48-, 56- or 64-digit hexadecimal numbers.

The haval-128 hash algorithm has been cracked by a team lead by professor Wang Xiao Yun of Tinghua university of people’s republic of china in 2004.

The haval hash algorithm on my website is provided only for study and research purpose.

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