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MD5 hash generator

The MD hashes

The whole Name of MD hash algorithm is message digest algorithm, it is a algorithm family which contains MD2, MD4, md5 hash algorithm. The MD algorithm family is invented by Ronald Rivest. In the following text , I will talk about each of these MD hash. you can use my md5 hash generator to generate md5 hash.

The MD2 hash

The whole name of MD2 Algorithm is Message-Digest2 Algorithm,The MD2 hash Algorithm is a cryptographic hash function invented by Ronald Rivest in 1989. During that time , the main stream computers on the world market is 8 bit length computers , so Ronald Rivest optimized the MD2 Algorithm for 8-bit computers.

The md2 algorithm has a long history of application, not only md2 is used in security application in 1990s ,it is also used in the public key infrastructures as some of certificates generated with MD2 and RSA. Although md2 is no longer consider secure many years ago. you can use my md5 hash generator to generate md2 hash.

The mechanism of MD2

The md2 hash function generate a 128-bit length hash value. The hash value is generated by padding the input bits to a multiple of the block length (128 bits or 16 bytes) and adding a 16-byte checksum to the result.

For example ,suppose we have a 48 byte auxiliary block and a 256-byte S-table generated indirectly from the digits of the fractional part of pi are used.
The md2 algorithm runs through a loop where it permutes each byte in the auxiliary block 18 times for every 16 input bytes processed.Once all of the blocks of the (lengthened) message have been calculated, the first partial block of the auxiliary block becomes the final hash value of the can use my md5 hash generator to generate md2 hash.

MD2 hash example

The actual md2 hash function example:
MD2(“The firefighters is quite brave”) = f387a368cae822c740aacc7f40d3ef81

you can use my md5 hash generator to generate md2 hash.

The attacks against md2 hash algorithm

The first attack publication was made In 1997 , when there is a collisions of MD2’s compression function.

The first meaningful attack against MD2 is in 2004, MD2 was shown to be vulnerable to a preimage attack with time complexity equivalent to 2104 applications of the compression function.

My md5 hash generator is the best md5 checksum generator.In 2008 , the preimage attack against MD2 is improved with time complexity of 273 compression function.

In 2009 , the md2 algorithm was shown to be vulnerable to a collision attack with time complexity of 263.3 compression function evaluations and memory requirements of 252 hash values.

Due to these successful attacks ,MD2 is dropping from various of applications, such as openSSL.

The MD4 algorithm

The whole name of MD4 is message digest 4 algorithm.

The md 4 algorithm is invented by Ronald Rivest in 1990. The md4 algorithm is a cryptographic hash function . The result hash of MD4 hash algorithm is a 128 bit length digest. The classical designed of md4 has influenced many famous hash algorithm design ,such as MD5 , sha-1, Sha-2 and can use my md5 hash generator to generate md4 hash.

The application of MD4 algorithm

The md4 algorithm is used fair widely since it inception, besides used in various of security applications , it is also used in many user applications. Such as :

Edonkey and emule, Edonkey and emule were very popular P2P network sharing applications, in these applications, the md4 is used as the ed2k URI scheme to provide a unique identifier for a file in P2P network.

In Microsoft Windows NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 , the MD4 hash is used to compute out the NTLM password-derived key can use my md5 hash generator to generate md4 hash.

The md4 function example:

MD4(“the firefighter is very brave”)
= 008ff848325f3d7beb42ee5914255c8e

No matter the length of the input bits, the md4 hash function always output a 128 bit length hash result, in our example ,the 128 bit result is represented as a 32 bytes can use my md5 hash generator to generate md4 hash.

The attacks against Md4 algorithm

In 1991 , MD4 weakness was first published in a security paper.

The first full collision attack against MD4 was published in 1995, since then more and more public attack was made, these attack is very efficient ,for example in 2007 , an attack can generate collisions in less than 2 MD4 hash operations, which make the md4 algorithm md5 hash generator is the best md5 checksum generator.
In 2011 , the md4 algorithm is officially announced absolute .Next we will talk about the popular md5 hash algorithm .

The MD5 hash algorithm

The md5 hash algorithm is designed by Ronald Rivest to be the successor of MD4 hash algotithm in 1991 .
The source code of MD5 hash algorithm was in RFC 1321 contains a “by attribution” RSA license.
you can use my md5 hash generator to generate md5 hash.

MD5 hash algorithm details

The input of The md5 hash algorithm is a variable length bits of data, and the output of md5 hash algorithm is a fix-length of 128 bit string. my md5 hash generator is the best md5 checksum generator.

When MD5 hash algorithm got the input bits of data , it broke up the input bits into chunks of 512-bit blocks,and the input bits is also padded, so that its length is divisible by 512. The padding works as follows: first a single bit, 1, is appended to the end of the message. This action is followed by as many zeros as are required to bring the length of the message up to 64 bits fewer than a multiple of 512. The remaining bits are filled up with 64 bits representing the length of the original message, modulo md5 hash generator is the best md5 checksum generator.

The main MD5 hash algorithm operates on a 128-bit state, divided into four 32-bit words, denoted A, B, C, and D. These are initialized to certain fixed constants. The main algorithm then uses each 512-bit message block in turn to modify the state. The processing of a message block consists of four similar stages, termed rounds; each round is composed of 16 similar operations based on a non-linear function F, modular addition, and left rotation. Figure 1 illustrates one operation within a round. There are four possible functions; a different one is used in each round:
you can use my md5 hash generator to generate md5 hash.

The MD5 hash algorithm example

MD5(“the firefighters are quite brave”) =

you can use my md5 hash generator to generate md5 hash.

Usually the result 128-bit MD5 hashes are showed a s a sequence of 32 hexadecimal digits.just as the example.

The application of MD5 hash algorithm

The MD5 hash algorithm is used very widely ,through computer industry and other related industry.

The mainly usage of MD5 hash algorthim is as a checksum method ,file supplier first use the md5 hash algorithm to compute the checksum of a specified file ,and show the result digits to downloaders, so when user or downloader get the file , they can compute the MD5 hash of the file , to see whether the file is modified.

The main stream operating system provide build in tools for such operation:

The linux and unix based system provide MD5 hash utilities in their distribution packages

Windows operating system provide a PowerShell function “Get-FileHash that use MD5 hash as checksum.

The android operating system aslo use md5 as the checksum mechanism. you can use my md5 hash generator to generate md5 checksum.

Beside computer industry, MD5 hash algorithm is also used in field of electronic discovery to give a unique identifier for each document that is exchanged during the legal discovery process.

In password security field , the md5 hash algorithm is used to one-way hash of a password. In such usage, when user set a password in the system , the system does not store the password in its internal database, the system will get the md5 hash of the password , and store the md hash in its internal database, when the user input the password to login, system will compare the input password’s hash and the hash stored in the database ,to see whether the user can log in.

The attacks against the MD5 hash algotithm

Until now , the security of the md5 hash algorithm is severely compromised, many successful attacks has been made to reduce the security of MD5 hash algorithm.
As early as 1993, Den Boer and Bosselaers had found that two different initialization vectors that produce an identical digest in MD5 hash algorithm, although somewhat limited .

In 1996, Dobbertin published a collision of the compression function of is enough to show people the weakness of MD hash algorithm.
In 2004.8 the first public collisions attacks of the full MD5 hash algoritm were announced by Xiaoyun Wang, Dengguo Feng, Xuejia Lai, and Hongbo Yu. Their analytical attack only take one hour on an IBM p690 cluster.
On 1 March 2005, Arjen Lenstra, Xiaoyun Wang, and Benne de Weger demonstrated construction of two X.509 certificates with different public keys and the same MD5 hash value.

A few days later, Vlastimil Klima described an improved algorithm,which construct MD5 collisions in a few hours on a single notebook computer. On 18 March 2006, Klima published an algorithm that could find a collision within one minute on a single notebook computer, using a method he calls tunneling.
On 24 December 2010, Tao Xie and Dengguo Feng announced the first published single-block (512-bit) MD5 collision.

Since so many successful attacks has been made against MD5 hash algoritm, MD5 hash algorithm is no longer consider a secure hash algorithm.

So In 2011 , an informational RFC 6151 was approved to update the security considerations in MD5[15] and can use my md5 hash generator to generate md2 hash, md4 hash and md5 hash.

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