Percentage calculator

Find out what the part is?

The (the percentage) % Of (the whole) is (the part)

Find out what the percentage is ?

(the part) is (the percentage) % of (the whole)

Find out what the whole is ?

if (the part) is (the percentage) % of the whole , the whole is (the whole)

Percentage Calculator Description

If a numer is expressed as a fraction of 100 then that’s called the Percentage

The sign of percentage is %


If we know B is X percent of A , and we want to find the value of A

Then we need to do the math B/X


To calculate What percent of A is B

Then we need to calculate B/A


To calculate The X percent of A

Then we need do the math A*X

My percentage calculator can simplify the calculation for you

Just find the appropriate formula and type the number in the input box ,then hit the “calculate” button ,the result will appear in the grey text box