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Common Pressure unit list and definition

1 Pascal(Pa)

The Pascal is the SI derived unit of pressure, the symbol of Pascal is Pa

1Pa ≡ N/m2 = kg/(m·s2)

2 Millimeter of mercury(mmHg) or Torr

Torr is the unit of pressure based on absolute scale , it is defined as 1/760 of a standard atmosphere

1 Torr ≈ 133.3224 Pa

One Torr is approximately the same as millimetre of mercury

3 Bar(bar)

The Bar is a metric unit of pressure . One Bar equal to 100000 Pa .

It is rough equal to the atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level

4 Technical atmosphere(at)

One technical atmosphere (at) is a unit of pressure equal to one kilogram-force per square centimeter.

One technical atmosphere equal to 98.0665k Pa

5 Standard atmosphere(atm)

The standard atmosphere (atm) is a unit of pressure defined as 101325 Pa. It is used as areference or standard pressure.

6 Pounds per square inch(psi)

The pound per square inch is a unit of pressure , and is a unit of pressure or ofstress based on avoirdupois units

The definition of Pounds per square inch is lbf/in2

One Pounds per square inch is roughly 6.894757×103 Pa

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