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RIPEMD hash algorithm

The whole name of RIPEMD is RACE Integrity Primitives Evaluation Message Digest.

RIPEMD a family of cryptographic hash functions developed by Hans Dobbertin, Antoon Bosselaers and Bart Preneel,RIPEMD is published in 1996.

RIPEMD-160 is an improved version of the original RIPEMD

RIPEMD-160 has a 160-bit length ,and is the most common used version in the RIPEMD family,there are 128, 256 and 320-bit versions of RIPEMD algorithm

RIPEMD-128 is designed to replacement for the original RIPEMD,In 2004, a hash collision was reported for the original RIPEMD algorithm .

The design principle of the RIPEMD hash functions was based upon the md4 hash algorithm , the RIPEMD hash functions performance is quite close to the sha-1 hash algorithm.

The RIPEMD-160 hash algorithm is open to the public from the beginning , unlike the sha-1 and sha-2 algorithms. Which is developed by the NSA.

The RIPEMD-160 hash algorithm is not used as frequently as the SHA-1 algorithm , but it is not get constrained by any patents.

The 128 bit RIPEMD-128 was invented as a replacement for the initial RIPEMD algorithm , the initial RIPEMD algorithm was also 128 bit, but the security of the original RIPEMD algorithm is questionable.

The RIPEMD-256 and RIPEMD-320 versions only diminish the possibility of accidental collision, but their security level is not as high as the RIPEMD-128 and RIPEMD-160 algorithm .

The RIPEMD-160 hash algorithm contain 160bit data, which is also known as the RIPE message digests, the 160 bit data is represented as 40-digit hexadecimal numbers. The following data show us a 43 byte length of ascii input and the result RIPEMD-160 hash:

RIPEMD-160("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog") =
The RIPEMD-160 also act just with the avalanche effect which is common in all cryptographic hash functions (small changes, e.g. changing d to c, result in a completely different hash)
RIPEMD-160("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy cog") =

The RIPEMD hash is a collection of several cryptographic hash functions. It compete with the MD hash family and the SHA hash family.

The original RIPEMD hash algorithm is designed as a variation of the md4 hash algorithm , in fact there are 2 MD4 algorithm. The RIPEMD algorithm is not as efficient as the MD5 hash algorithm.And because it is based on MD4 , there are some doubt that is also contain some weakness that the MD4 hash algorithm has, for example the collisions flaw

Because the concerns, the author of the RIPEMD make a new hash algorithm called the RIPEMD-160. The RIPEMD-160 algorithm is quite good, and robust. Compare the permance between the sha 1 and RIPEMD-160 , the RIPEMD-160 is a bit slower ,so it is not used widely as the SHA-1 algorithm. One of the main useage for the RIPEMD-160 is inside the PGP. That is because as a sign of defiance against governmental agencies, the pgp chose the RIPEMD-160 over SHA-1 hash algorithm

The RIPEMD-256 is a 256-bit version of RIPEMD-160 algorithm, but it is not widely used compare to the sha hash family such as the sha 2.

So this is why the RIPEMD hash algorithm is not widely used.

The difference the RIPEMD-160 or RIPEMD-256 algorithm.

Some people will ask which RIPEMD hash to use, the RIPEMD-160 or RIPEMD-256.

At first glance , the RIPEMD-160 seems a quite good hash algorithm, but as the growth of current computing .the RIPEMD-160 output is a bit short. (if you want to generate encryption with 128-bit keys, you should, go for the hash algorithm functions with 256-bit output) and the RIPEMD-160 computing speed is not very good compare to other same level algorithm, so may be you can get better performance if you go with the SHA-256, which has more optimized implementations.

The RIPEMD-256 implementation is a new one compare to its cousins . but it is not quite popular, not many reaserch have done on it , so you should take more caution, if you want to use it on your commercial product.

Since the 128 bit hash result no longer stand against the brutal force collision attack.

At Crypto 2004 several Chinese crypto scientists announced that they found collisions for MD4, MD5, RIPEMD, and the 128-bit version of HAVAL.

So the RIPEMD-160 is designed as a improved version of the RIPEMD-128 hash result. And is expected to be secure for the next ten years or more.

The RIPEMD -160 is tuned for the 32-bit processors. The RIPEMD-256 and RIPEMD-320 hash algorithm are extensions of RIPEMD-128 and RIPEMD-160. They are designed as a longer hash result without the need of a larger security level.

Where can I find a detailed description of RIPEMD-160 hash algorithm

The full description and reference C software of the RIPEMD-160 and RIPEMD-128 hash functions can be found on the internet, The RIPEMD-160 and RIPEMD-128 implementations are written for the purpose of documentation. So no optimization is performed: only readability and portability were kept in mind.