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Common tempature units list and definitions

1 Celsius

Celsius is aslo known as centigrade is an SI derived unit of temperature unit of measurement .

Celsius is used by most countries on the world

0°C was defined as the freezing point of water

100°C was defined as the boiling point of water

Absolute zero, the lowest temperature possible −273.15 °C.

The temperature of the triple point of water is defined as precisely 0.01 °C.

2 Delisle scale(°D)

The Delisle scale is a temperature scale invented in 1732 by the French astronomer Joseph-Nicolas Delisle

3 Fahrenheit(°F)

Fahrenheit (°F) is a temperature scale introduced in 1724 by the German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

the temperature at which water freezes into ice is defined as 32 Fahrenheit degrees

the boiling point of water is defined to be 212 Fahrenheit degrees

There are fewer and fewer countries use Fahrenheit now

4 Newton scale

The Newton scale is a temperature scale devised by Isaac Newton in 1701.

5 Rankine scale

Rankine is a thermodynamic temperature based on an absolute scale

The symbol for degrees Rankine is °R

The absolute zero is defined as 0 °R

the Rankine degree is defined as equal to one degree Fahrenheit

6 Réaumur scale

The Réaumur scale is a temperature scale.

The temperature at which the freezing of water is defined as 0 degree

The temperature at which the boiling points of water is defined as 80 degrees

The scale is named after René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur

7 Rømer scale(°Rø)

Rømer(°Rø) is a temperature scale named after the Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer

It is based on the freezing point of pure water being 7.5 degrees and the boiling point of water as 60 degrees.

8 Kelvin(K)

The kelvin(K) is a unit of measure for temperature in the SI system.

Zero Kelvin is define to be absolute zero

One degree of Kelvin is define as 1/273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature when water boil