Free Online Tools Collection

Network and Seo Tools

whois checker
Whois lookup
alexa global rank checker
Alexa Rank Checker
http headers checker
Http Headers Checker
search engines indexed pages counter
Website Index Checker
Word Count and Frequency Statistics tool
Word Count,Character Count and Frequency Statistics tool
mac address vendor info check
Mac Address Lookup
ip geo locator
My Ip Geolocation Lookup
Is down for me
Is this website only down for me?

Password Hash Generator

MD hash generator
MD Hash Generator
SHA hash generator
SHA Hash Generator
Ripemd Hash Generator
Ripemd Hash Generator
tiger hash generator
Tiger hash generator
fnv hash generator
Fnv hash generator
haval hash generator
haval hash generator
whirlpool Hash Generator
whirlpool Hash Generator
snefruhash hash generator
Snefru Hash Generator
gost hash generator
Gost Hash Generator
adler32 hash generator
Adler32 Hash Generator
crc32 hash generator
Crc32 Hash Generato
joaat hash generator
Joaat Hash Generator

Encoders and Decoders

base64 encoder
Base64 Encoder

base64 decoder
Base64 Encoder

url encoder
URL Encoder
Url decoder
Url Decoder

Online Calculators and Converters

percentage calculator
Percentage Calculator
currency converter
Currency Converter
temperature converter
Temperature Converter
length converter
Length Converter
area converter
Area Converter
volume converter
Volume Converter
pressure converter
Pressure Converter
weight converter
Weight Converter